More email. Less typing.

Antair Snippets is a powerful email auto-text solution for your BlackBerry.

Typing the same email over and over?

Antair Snippets allows you to create shortcuts for frequently typed email messages, common responses, signatures, or any other text that you don't want to keep retyping over and over.

With Snippets, you don't need to type out that long response. Just type the shortcut, and Snippets will automatically insert the entire response into your outgoing email.

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"I recently purchased Snippets and it looks great! Thanks for a terrific work product. I think it is a very useful and time saving product. After 2 minutes of trying it out, I went ahead and bought it. Simple to install and incredibly easy to use!"
Mark K.
Save time. Create detailed email messages in seconds.
With Antair Snippets, you can send thorough, detailed email responses in seconds, without having to type a word. So you can send perfect thank-you notes to your clients without having to re-type them every time.
Cut down on typing mistakes. Perfect email every time.
Not having to retype the same email message saves time, and cuts down on mistakes. With Antair Snippets, your travel directions and task instructions will always be detailed and accurate.
Works with your BlackBerry inbox.
Antair Snippets integrates seamlessly with your BlackBerry inbox. You can insert, create, browse, and edit all of your Snippets, without leaving the BlackBerry email application. Your Snippets are automatically inserted into the message you are composing. Antair Snippets was designed to assist you, without getting in your way.
A pleasure to use, and easy on the eyes.
The Antair Snippets user interface has been carefully designed to be both functional and easy to use. Creating a new Snippet is as simple as it gets, your most frequently used Snippets are presented to you automatically for quick selection, and you can categorize your Snippet collection as you see fit.

Is my BlackBerry device supported?

Antair Snippets was designed to work on most modern BlackBerry devices, and tested extensively on many different BlackBerry models.

Both personal (BIS) devices as well as corporate (BES) devices are fully supported. Hybrid devices, containing both corporate and personal email accounts in one unit, are also fully supported.

RIM BlackBerry OS version 4.2.1 and above is required to run Antair Snippets. Most modern BlackBerry devices meet or exceed this requirement.

Please note that BlackBerry 10 devices are not currently supported.

Supported Devices

  • BlackBerry 98xx - BlackBerry Torch
  • BlackBerry 96xx - all BlackBerry Tour models
  • BlackBerry 95xx - all BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 models
  • BlackBerry 90xx and 97xx - all BlackBerry Bold models
  • BlackBerry 81xx - all BlackBerry Pearl models
  • BlackBerry 83xx, 85xx, and 89xx - all BlackBerry Curve models
  • BlackBerry 88xx - all models, including the 8830 World Edition
  • BlackBerry 87xx - all models
  • BlackBerry 77xx - all models
  • BlackBerry 75xx - all models
  • BlackBerry 72xx - all models
  • BlackBerry 71xx - all models

No subscription fees

Antair Snippets installs directly on your BlackBerry device just like any other BlackBerry application. Download the free trial and try it for yourself. If you like it, you can purchase the software at any time from the BlackBerry App World. Once purchased, you pay nothing else. There are no recurring monthly service fees of any kind.

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