Have your email sent later

Do you sometimes write emails at wee hours of the night and do not want your friends or coworkers to find out?

With Antair DelayedSend, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. Just write the message as you normally would, and instead of clicking Send, choose Send Delayed from the menu. Use our handy time picker, or just delay it for an hour or a day. Antair DelayedSend will take it from there.

Your personal OOPS! button

Oops! Accidentally sent an inappropriate email to your boss? Or maybe you forgot to add a recipient. Ever regret sending an email and wishing you could "unsend" it?.

With Antair DelayedSend, you can send emails without regret. With the simple press of a menu button, you can "delay" an outgoing email by a few minutes, which will give you ample time to change your mind.

Perfect reminders

Write a reminder to your future self or your coworkers about an upcoming project deadline or an important meeting.

Have a great idea? Make sure you don't forget it. Send it to yourself to be viewed at a later time.

Write all birthday/holiday greetings today and schedule them to be emailed at exactly the right time.

Free vs. PREMIUM

The free version of Antair DelayedSend contains no functional restrictions or usage limitations for scheduling email messages. However, a branding message will be placed in all outgoing scheduled emails.

The PREMIUM version removes the branding message, and allows you to schedule SMS text messages.

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RIM BlackBerry OS version 4.5 and above is required to run Antair DelayedSend