Installing Antair Call Screener via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Step 1

Download Antair Call Screener

Step 2

Unzip the downloaded installation file.

Inside the archive, you will find two files: AntairCallScreener.alx and AntairCallScreener.cod.

Step 3

Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. This is software that came with your BlackBerry device. Among other things, it is used to install applications on your BlackBerry. Please make sure that you have the latest version of the Desktop Manager.

Step 4

Connect your BlackBerry device to your computer and double-click on the Application Loader icon.

Step 5

Follow the steps in the Application Loader dialog box. Choose to ADD a program, select the file AntairCallScreener.alx, and proceed to install the application.

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Activating the full version of Antair Call Screener

After purchasing a license, the provided registration code can be used to turn the trial version of Antair Call Screener into the full version of the product.

Step 1

Start Antair Call Screener

Step 2

Choose Activate Full Version.

Step 3

Click on the button to enter your code.

Step 4

Enter your code and click ACTIVATE.


Install from your BlackBerry

Over-the-air (OTA) installation is the easiest way to install Antair Call Screener. Click here for full instructions on how to install Antair Call Screener directly from your BlackBerry device.

Where is the Antair Call Screener?

After installation, the program icon will most likely be in the Downloads folder, but, depending on your BlackBerry model, it may also be found in the Applications folder or on the main screen below all of the other icons.

Trial Version or Full Version?

The free trial version of Antair Call Screener expires after 15 calls are blocked.

You can purchase Antair Call Screener at any time during or after your free trial period.

Immediately after your purchase, you will receive a registration code which can be used to turn your trial version of Antair Call Screener into the full version of the product.

Product Manual

Once Antair Call Screener is installed, you can access the comprehensive product manual directly from within the application itself.

The manual can be found under the HELP menu, and will provide you with an excellent overview of the various features available in Antair Call Screener.